Do you dread or look forward to “springing forward”?

I dreaded the last daylight-saving time. While many people look forward to the extra hour of sleep it affords on that weekend, I could only think about all the dark afternoons my son and I would have to head home instead of playing at the park, going for a run, or grilling on our deck.

As we prepare to spring forward Sunday, I am so excited to get back to longer days of light, I don’t even mind losing an hour of weekend snoozing.  Although the weather is still pretty wintry where I live, I’m willing to pretend it’s spring so I can (finally) get a jump on all of the activities (and yes, exercise) I want to do outside.

Somehow, turning the clock seems like a great time to make other transitions as well. For me, it’s back to pounding the pavement, but it could be the perfect opportunity to get back to all kinds of healthy habits.

What about you? How will the time switch make a difference in — or outside — your home?

I’m what you might call a Night Owl. I am most alive when it’s dark out – no sunlight to burn your eyes and skin, most people are in their houses and out of the way, and today’s events are distilling in my mind to help me plan out tomorrow. The actual time it gets dark is of little consequence to me, since life doesn’t begin until loooong after the sun goes down.

Losing an extra hour of sleep, however, is cruel. Once you’ve been up till 4am working on the next day’s lesson plan, morning comes soon enough without any help.

Sure, I think it’s a great time to make a lifestyle transition. I agree about wanting more light in the evening to use for exercising. I miss the days when I worked at a coffee shop from 7-3 and was able to go to the park and run after work. Now I work until 5 in the evening, and the park nearby isn’t really that safe after 5 p.m. By the time I get home from work it’s 6, and then it’s dark. So I’ll definitely make use of the nighttime daylight. It’s just unfortunate that that also means more darkness in the morning! It won’t even get light out until 7:15 a.m.

Anyway, I like the time changes. It’s just always been this way, and I expect certain times to be dark at certain times of the year. If they even decide to change DST, that’s going to mess things up for me, psychologically.