Spray Tan Before and After

The actions you should take before and after a spray tan will greatly affect how long it lasts. If you make all the right choices all your friends will be wondering how long does it will last when they see you rocking the perfect tan two weeks from your last tanning session. The goal is to make them as jealous as possible by performing all the necessary steps in making it last for as long as possible. First we’re going to focus on what you should do before you go to your local tanning salon and step in the tanning booth.


A day before you go spray tanning you want to shave. You want to shave because the hair will block the spray tan from hitting your skin in a consistent manner so you might get streaks or dark patches. The hair follicles also tend to absorb all the extra chemicals that stick to the hair, so you might get some discoloration if you don’t shave before spray tanning. After you’re done shaving on the day before you go tanning you should exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating will remove the outermost layer of skin cells, the ones that would fall off in one or two days if you let them fall off naturally. You want to remove these skin cells because they were going to fall off in one or two days anyway so you want to get rid of them now so they don’t take your machine with them. Once you’ve removed this layer, your skin has no more barriers between it and the chemicals in the spray tan so you will get maximum absorption and a nicer, darker tan. Immediately before you tan you will want to make sure to moisturize the driest parts of your skin, these include the skin around your knees and elbows. This way those skin cells don’t absorb too much of the machine and turn a much darker color than the rest of your body. Now it’s time for what you should do after you’ve gotten it.


After you’ve tanned it is important to wait at least six hours before showering. You want to wait before showering to give the chemicals time to work their way through all the layers of your skin. The deeper the chemicals get into your skin the longer your spray tan will last, so if possible you’re going to want to sleep overnight without showering. After you’ve taken your first shower you will want to moisturize your skin to make sure it doesn’t dry out too quickly. The chemicals in a tan tend to dry out your skin, and dry skin tends to flake off much faster than properly moisturized skin. Since you want to keep the skin cells that you paid to it on your body for as long as possible you should moisturize your skin at least twice a day after you’ve gotten the machine. Before a spray tan you wanted to exfoliate, after it you should avoid exfoliating because it will scrape off skin cells that have been colored by the chemicals, making you appear less tan and making it last for a shorter period of time. Showering should also be limited to once per day if you’re trying to make this machine last longer because it tends to be a more natural form of exfoliation. While there you have it, follow these simple tips and you should easily be able to stay tan for over ten days after a single tanning appointment.